Attendance Policy

School Wide Attendance Goal:  95%

Students are expected to be at school on time every day.   

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to see that his/her child attends school. Not only is it required by state law but; also daily attendance is a vital part of the student’s learning process and academic success.
  • If there is an absence that cannot be avoided, the parent or guardian must call the school’s attendance line, 720-424-0055, before 7:30 AM on the day of the absence.
  • The parent may leave a message on the voice mail.  If the absence continues for more than one day, the parent must call each morning until the student returns to school.
  • Upon return to school, a student must present a written excuse to the main office before he/she returns to class. The written excuse must contain the information listed below:

Student’s Full Name
Days and Dates Absent
Reason for Absence
Work Phone number
Home Phone, Cell number
Parent/Guardian Signature

Partial Absence From School:  If a student is to be absent from school for part of the day after entering school, he/she must receive a PARTIAL ABSENCE NOTE SLIP.  This slip is issued from the main office.   

  • A note from a parent/guardian containing the same information required for a written excuse must be presented to the main office personnel before the start of the school day. 
  • Students will not be dismissed until a parent is reached for verification at a working telephone number (either home or work).   
  • It is important that the registration card be updated as necessary.  Not having the current student information can slow or interfere with the process.  For reasons of safety, students will not be dismissed early except to their parents or guardian. 
  • If a student returns to school after being released, he/she should check in at the main office for a pass before going to class.  

If a student has more than 10 days of absences during a school year or more than three consecutive days absent, the school requires a note from a medical provider, such as the Denver Health school-based clinic, in order to excuse the absence.  Please take advantage of the school-based health clinic to make appointments, receive medical treatment, if needed, and ensure that your child only misses school as long as medically necessary.

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES FROM SCHOOL ARE A SERIOUS INFRACTION.  The school will initiate Truancy Court action against students and parents with excessive unexcused absences or excessive tardies.  Also, if there are unexcused absences, the school reserves the right to deny participation in field trips, enrichment activities, or extracurricular activities.  The school will also require after-school detention and Saturday detentions, if a student is absent without a valid excuse.

We cannot condone extended vacations. Make-up work will not be given in advance.  If you leave during the school year for more than 5 days, your child will be withdrawn from school.  If you are at Kepner on “Choice” you will lose your slot.

Tardies and Hallsweeps:

Attendance is taken daily in every class. Students are to make every effort to be in class on time. If a teacher detains a student, the student should ask that teacher for an excused hall pass.  Students who arrive late to class without a pass will be marked tardy.  Students who are tardy will be assigned detention and/or Saturday School per school policy.

Hallsweeps may be conducted periodically to ensure students are regularly arriving on time to class.

The parents of any student who is consistently late to school or class will be asked to meet with the student’s teachers, administrator, and/or social worker.